A small efficient wine and liquor store on the Upper East Side, has been making customers happy for over twenty years. The locals in the area know that size means little when it comes to quality wines. The store is open until midnight, and if not for state laws would stay open and sell 24/7. This is due to good value, affordable prices and a smart staff that cultivates customer satisfaction and long-term relationships. Friendly and approachable, they do not betray any hint of snobbery.
Wines are here from every important region in the world. The liquor section equally appealing with an array of single malts, blended whiskeys, flavored vodkas, cognacs, assorted brandies, and liqueurs. The Ports Sherries are excellent. Delivery is always available. This store deserves wider recognition and your patronage.
Simply stated, an outstanding selection of wines and liquors, and free delivery for Upper East Siders! Visit us today, call us at 212-535-9300, or download our app!